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2011 O'Molloy Gathering


The O'Molloy Clan Rally was held in County Offaly the weekend of August 11-13, 2011 bringing Molloys together for a heart-warming weekend of family history and festivities.

The O'Molloy Clan Association was formed in 2004 with a view to promote the O'Molloy name, the territory of Firceall (O'Molloy Country) and genealogical research.Holding Clan Rallies and communicating via the OMolloy.com website is intended to develop connections in Ireland and worldwide to gather, conserve and share relevant historical and genealogical information.

Most of the families that attended last weekends Clan Rally have a Molloy family connection or an interest in the rich history of O'Molloy Country. The O'Molloys ruled Fireceall territory in County Offaly for centuries.

Fridays activities included a guided tour of the Tullamore Dew Heritage Center which highlighted the influence Michael Malloy had in the early beginnings of Tullamore Dew. Noted Irish archeologist and author Camin O'Brien presented his enlightening discoveries in O'Molloy Country, in a preview of his upcoming book, which included the location of the coronation stone of the ancient O'Molloy Chieftains.

Saturday included a guided tour of historical O'Molloy sites in Durrow, Clonmacnoise, Clonbealle and Rathlion. The rally brought O'Molloys together Saturday night at Charleville Castle in Tullamore for an unforgettable medieval feast with entertainment by Rahan Ceolotas and the famed baritone John Molloy.

Frances Molloy Berry of Durrow, current Chieftain of the O'Molloy clan, crowned a new Chieftain at the feast, an American from Chicago, Illinois, John Paul Malloy. John has had a life long passion for his Irish family heritage, writing two books about his Irish ancestors and in recent years working to connect Molloy's from around with their County Firceall Kinsmen. John commented that he is humbled and honored to be elected as Chieftain of the O'Molloy clan and that intends to continue to build on the prior efforts of past Clan Chieftains in promoting the O'Molloy name and the territory of Firceall.O'Molloy Clan members can look forward to an updated website and quarterly newsletters.

John also thanked our sponsors including Offaly At Your Leisure, Offaly Local Development Company, National Development Path, European Agricultural Fund, Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs and Tullamore Dew.

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