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DNA Genealogy


We are currently engaged in a study and mapping of Molloy DNA in Ireland and around the world.

There are a number of reasons why DNA Genealogy may be helpful in identifying your Molloy ancestors in County Offaly:

1. Connect with existing residents of County Offally - The Molloy Clan ruled Firceall in County Offaly for centuries. If you have been successful in tracing your Molloy ancestors back to a different county in Ireland you can still pursue an even more distant connection with an existing resident of County Offaly.

2. Identify the County Offaly Parish where your Molloy ancestor lived - As a result of the loss of the baptismal records in the Dublin fire, many of the County Offaly church records only go back to the early 1800’s. Therefore if your Molloy ancestor was born in Offaly pre-1800 there may no longer exist a church record to reflect their baptism. A match with a Molloy DNA study participant may enable you to identify the parish where your Molloy ancestor lived.

3. Locate the County in Ireland where your ancestor lived - If you have been unable to trace your ancestor back to a particular county in Ireland, a DNA test may connect you with other Molloy’s who were born or married outside of Offaly. Many Molloy’s were forced out of County Offaly by the Crown in the 1600 and 1700’s.

4. For Fun - You may wish to submit your DNA to see how closely you are related to King Niall. The O’Molloys are descended from the famous Niall of the Nine Hostages, High King of Ireland in the fifth century. Following the battle of Druim Deirg in the year 515, the descendants of Niall established control over extensive lands including Firceall, which stretched from north of Tullamore as far south as the edge of Birr. Ownership of these lands remained with the O’Molloy’s until the first half of the seventeenth century, when the area was subjected to the plantations of James I and Cromwell.

Paternal Lineage DNA Test

We recommend the yDNA 37 test offerred by Family Tree DNA which costs approximately $170. One to reduce the cost per person is to have several family members share the cost of a single DNA test. The yDNA test is for male participants only as we are focused on tracking the Molloy ancestral history.

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